Ghettface website
Awed by the resurgence of electronic music in the late 90’s, Ghettface dove into the beats. After buying his first piece of hardware, there was no turning back. The rock infused breaks of electronic pioneers Orbital, The Crystal Method and The Chemical Brothers have driven him to create electronic music pushing dancefloors to their limits.

Surrounding himself with an arsenal of equipment, Ghettface produces a multidimensional sound with an abundance of influences. The knobs and presence of the gear bring an attitude to his tracks that is unstoppable. Always pushing the envelope, his productions leave the listener longing for more. Behind the decks, Ghettface mixes the breaks classics that got him started coupled with the energy that shines in his production. Constantly honing his dj skills, Ghettface offers a tour de force that brings crowds to their knees. Soft isn’t in his dictionary.

In the present, Ghettface desires to bring healthy beats back to the genre. With future releases on the horizon, there’s no stopping this up-and-coming heavyweight.


RIDIC001: Ghettface vs. Yanix - Wikked Wayz
RIDIC002: Ghettface vs. Yanix - Get Ripped

RIDIC003: Ghettface - Get Loud
RIDIC004: Ghettface - Bang Your Fist EP
RIDIC006: Dual Boot - Crank It (Ghettface Remix)
RIDIC008: DiiSTORTiiON - Taken (Ghettface Remix)
RIDIC010: Ghettface vs. Yanix - Blackout
RIDIC018: Tribal Riot - Lights (Ghettface Remix)
RIDIC024: Deal With It
RIDIC028: Hotshot