RIDIC026: Best Of Remixes
Release: August 25, 2014

RIDIC027 Art

01. Ghettface vs. Yanix - Wikked Wayz (BETA Remix) PREVIEW

02. Ghettface - Get Loud (Karton Remix) PREVIEW

03. Vize - R U There (Quadrat Beat Remix) PREVIEW

04. Refracture - Free Man (Eshericks Remix) PREVIEW

05. Tribal Riot - Lights (Ghettface Remix) PREVIEW


Johan SOH (Sound Of Habib) - “Absolutely loving the BETA remix. Class!”

Daniella Downs (Dead Famous) - “BETA remix absolutely slams!”

LuQas (Broken Robot) - “Love the BETA remix. Full support from me.”

Jurassik (iDJ) - “Karton remix is on fire. Absolutely loving it!”

EK (Dead Famous) - “Awesome work. Loving the breakdown in the Karton remix!”

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - “Karton remix is incredible, I absolutely love it and will be giving it a good rinsing for sure! Wonderful deep bass, melodies and chord changes that's right up my alley.”

Sam Hell (Mofo) - “Cracking release. Like the dreamy Karton remix, reminds me of Hybrid.”

Karl Sav (Re:Connect/Unstable) - “I love the Quadrat Beat remix!”

Yreane (In Bloom) - “Quadrat Beat remix is huge!!! Really feel it. Will be supporting this.”

Far Too Loud (Funkatech) - “Quite a nice release this one. The groove on the Quadrat Beat remix is killer.”

Hedflux (Broken Robot) - “The Eshericks remix is massive! Probably a bit heavy for my sets, but I’m hugely impressed with it! Brimming with energy.”

Karton (Sound Of Habib) - “Eshericks remix is a banger!!”

Bill Vega (Downbeat/Badbwoy Bass) - “Holy F**k! The Eshericks remix is outstanding! So many great sections, such an interesting energetic track, I love it! 10/10”

Sketi (Expand) - “Love Ghettface's remix here. Will sit well in my sets. Cool release.”

Home Alone (Ridiculoud/In Bloom) - “My pick here has got to be the Ghettface remix. Sounding really big!”

DiiSTORTiiON (Ridiculoud/iBreaks) - “Massive release! Loving all the tracks, but Ghettface's remix is a whole other level. MASSIVE tune!!! Full support, can't wait to drop it!”


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