RIDIC022: Resistor - Total Fucking Chaos / You've Got To
Release: December 05, 2011

RIDIC022 Art

01. Total Fucking Chaos (Original Mix) PREVIEW

02. You've Got To (Original Mix) PREVIEW

New artist Resistor joins the Ridiculoud crew with two guitar-drenched rockers. 'Total Fucking Chaos' stays true to its name with crazy edits, off-the-wall drums, and menacing guitars while 'You've Got To' blends some catchy vocals with big guitar riffs and electro grooves for a more bouncy flavor.  Get wise to the revolution you salty dogs.


Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - "You've Got To makes me want to shake my bum for money - I love the vocal as well."

Home Alone (Dead Famous/Ridiculoud) - “Nice release, something different. My pick of the two is Total Fucking Chaos. Nice distortions!”

Fisso & Spark (Ridiculoud) - “Quality release, both tracks are wicked! Will play them at my next gig.

Kickflip (Breakin Even) - "Concept wise, loving the big rock vibes of You've Got To! Looking forward to hearing the artist develop."

Mobius (Ape Music) - “You've Got To will get some plays from me - a little different and with plenty of bounce, this is a nice little groover.

EK (Dead Famous) - “I’m digging Total Fucking Chaos. Totally appropriate song title - heavy madness!”

Burjuy (Breaks Review Show) - “Total Fucking Chaos is true fucking chaos! You've Got To has some nice guitar rigs!”


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