RIDIC020: AP3X - Power Struggle
Release: September 05, 2011

RIDIC020 Art

01. Power Struggle (Original Mix) PREVIEW

02. Power Struggle (Retroid Remix) PREVIEW

Ridiculoud celebrates its 20th release with a slammin' psybreaks package courtesy of fresh talent AP3X. 'Power Struggle' is a deep, techy, psy-infused breaks chugger that just builds and builds with strategically placed vocal snippets and spacey stabs. On the flipside, Retroid takes the psy elements from the original and cranks out a massive remix full of driving sequences, a fierce bassline, and wicked effects for peak-time mayhem!


Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - "Retroid’s remix is banging! Dark and nasty with a nice groove."

Llupa (YellowFinger/Ridiculoud) - "Loving the groove and vibes on the original mix - right up my alley, such nice work done with this tune. No idea who AP3X is, but I want more. Great to see Retroid on the Ridiculoud roster and he does great things with this. Cool he got out his psy/deep head for this one, it works so well."

Home Alone (Dead Famous/Ridiculoud) - “Awesome release, really liking the original mix. Retroid did a great job too on the remix.”

Triple Agent (Logariddim) - "Wicked package here again, both tracks are heavy!"

Hedflux (Broken Robot) - "I really like this release, great debut from AP3X! Lovely progressive vibe, colorful sounds, and tough groove. Maybe a little too proggy for my usual sets, but will definitely keep in the bag for longer sets. Original mix is the one for me."

Sketi (En:Vision) - Absolutely love Retroid’s remix - so deep. Will definitely sit in my sets well.

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - "Retroid’s remix is pretty special! Will support."

Kickflip (Breakin Even) - “Good stuff! Liking the bounce of the original more, but Retroid's remix is nice and psy-tinged too.

Steve Maccabe (V.I.M.) - "The Retroid remix is a nice progressive builder, quite like this. Also like the little techy elements used in the original. I'd probably choose the original mix over the Retroid remix as it would fit into my sets more."

Mobius (Ape Music) - "The original mix has a nice solid groove to it, will spin on the show."

EK (Dead Famous) - “Both are good mixes, but I’m leaning towards the Retroid remix. I’m really liking the energy and build this mix has. Great stuff.”

Yreane (XSSR) - "Original for me. Retroid’s remix is good too, for sure, but I will play the original mix. Top work."

Burjuy (Breaks Review Show) - “Retroid’s remix is my favorite - I like this kind of psy-breaks!”

DiiSTORTiiON (Ridiculoud) - “Tight production on both these tracks. Nice release!”

BoBalino (Big Square/Scarcity) - "Original mix: Oh yes this is some sexy minimal breakbeat. This got my head boppin along - nice atmospherics and I kinda like the simpleness of it all; wicked groove. Retroid remix: F**king hell man, talk about taking you into a hypnotic state of mind - this is f**king epic! That final half is just incredible. Retroid rules."

Open Cluster (Ridiculoud) - “Yet another very solid package from Ridiculoud! The original mix is very nice, and I love the dirty groove. Retroid takes the track to a new level, with powerful cuts and synths dropping in. Overall, both tracks work good for me! Full support!”

Mr. No Hands (Mixmag) - “Good, mature sounds here...nice one.”


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