RIDIC018: Tribal Riot - Lights
Release: July 12, 2011

RIDIC018 Art

01. Lights (Original Mix) PREVIEW

02. Lights (Ghettface Remix) PREVIEW

03. Lights (Vize & Echoik Remix) PREVIEW

04. Lights (Club Mix) PREVIEW

05. Awakening (Original Mix) PREVIEW

For our 18th release, the London duo Tribal Riot drop a stomping electro-rock track 'Lights' complete with blazing guitars and complementary vocals. For the first remix, Ghettface maintains the rocking and fluid vibe from the original and jacks the tempo and the energy in a peak-time destroyer filled with blaring synths and rock star edits.  Next, Ridiculoud artist Vize teams up with Echoik, flipping the original on its head in favor of a glitchy, big bass interpretation.  Finally, Tribal Riot themselves turn in a club mix appropriate for their name, delivering a tribal breaks track with dramatic acid lines and big builds. Rounding out the package is Tribal Riot's 'Awakening,' a sleazy yet smooth anthem artfully constructed with dramatic synths and uplifting melodies.


Home Alone (Dead Famous/Ridiculoud) - “My pick here has got to be the Ghettface remix of Lights. Sounding really big!”

Sketi (En:Vision) - Love Ghettfaces remix here. Will sit well in my sets. Cool release.

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - “The Vize & Echoik remix is my favorite here.

Mobius (Ape Music) - "Quite liking the sound of the Vize & Echoik remix here - will support."

EK (Dead Famous) - “The Ghettface remix is the pick of the bunch for me - excellent track! I’m also really liking Awakening. It’s good to hear something a little bit different.”

Retroid (Morphosis) - "The Vize & Echoik remix is the business! Ghettface’s remix is also massive - will support this release!"

Yreane (XSSR) - "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! WHAT A REALEASE! That's exactly the sound I love in breaks! Ghettface remix is perfectly perfect! Support for a long time."

Burjuy (Breaks Review Show) - “I love the sound of the Ghettface remix - absolute killer! Also liked the original and club mixes of Lights!”

DiiSTORTiiON (Ridiculoud) - “Massive release! Loving Vize & Echoik’s remix of Lights, but Ghettface's remix is a whole other level. MASSIVE tune!!! Full support, can't wait to drop it!”

Pale Penguin (V.I.M.) - “Ghettface and Vize & Echoik remixes for me - powerfull stuff, full of energy and power; rocky breaks touches, a dash of funk...I'll support them both!”

BoBalino (Big Square/Scarcity) - "Really enjoyed the Awakening track. I think this is the best out of the originals - nice chilled uplifting synths. But the Ghettface remix of lights is the one that got me poppin the most - a full on festival banger, big drums, big bass/guitar...yep feeling this one a lot; massive remix. The Vize & Echoik remix is a cool alternative as well, some madness edit-shizzle going offf in this."

8*B1T (Ridiculoud) - "I'm really digging all the mixes, but the Vize & Echoik mix really hits the spot for me - bangin! Ghettface's headbanger of a remix is slammin' as well, proper as always!"


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