RIDIC014: Home Alone - Remix EP Part 1
Release: March 08, 2011

RIDIC014 Art

01. The Playground (MDK Remix) PREVIEW

02. Awake (Deenk Remix) PREVIEW

Remixes are in for Home Alone's 2010 debut on Ridiculoud! Part one features two of breakbeat's finest rising stars, MDK and Deenk. MDK, who has made appearances on both Dead Famous and Digital Sensation UK, takes on 'The Playground' and crafts a solid dance floor roller with his traditional thick drums and driving bass, culminating in a catchy climax. Spanish sensation Deenk switches things up on his remix of 'Awake', opting for a more bouncy, funky flavor.


Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - “MDK remix is awesome! It has a kind of 80's vibe to the bass but it's wonderfully done - full support from me.”

Llupa (YellowFinger/Ridiculoud) - “Loving the groove on the Deenk remix - he usually rocks it, but great to hear something a little different from him, he does it really well. The MDK remix is a good slab of the head down groove and will slide into the sets really well. Pick of the two is the Deenk remix, but only just.”

Tom Clyde - “I really like MDK remix. It’s a very uplifting and melodic tune!”

Kickflip (Breakin Even) - “Wicked steppy tech remix from Deenk right there!”

Karton (Sound Of Habib) - "Both of these are cool, might be slightly more keen on the Deenk remix."

Steve Maccabe (VIM) - “Deenk's remix is my favorite of the two - very good remix. Tough, funky, and a bit of wobble; really liking this.”

Bill Vega (Downbeat/Badbwoy Bass) - "MDK remix for me on this one, great stuff."

EK (Dead Famous) - “Loving the Deenk remix. Good groove on this one.”

Retroid (Morphosis) - “MDK remix is my pick here! Full support on this!”

Far Too Loud (Funkatech) - "Deenk remix is tasty!"

Burjuy (Breaks Review Show) - “Home Alone is this year’s rising star! I like Deenk’s remix - it’s very cool, deep, and melodic! Full support!”


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