Ridiculoud Records initiated its quest to transform breakbeat in early 2009 by emerging artists Ghettface and Yanix. With the intention of taking a modern approach to the old-school sound, they partnered to create an environment that harbored loud, no nonsense breaks.

Ridiculoud Record’s mission is to modernize the classic breakbeat sound. We want to deliver records for annihilating dance floors worldwide while maintaining a catalogue of productions that sets a standard of quality. Our releases will stay true to our belief that breaks should be powerful and relentless with bass that wakes the dead.


Ghettface vs. Yanix - Wikked Wayz [inc. BETA Remix]
RIDIC002: Ghettface vs. Yanix - Get Ripped [inc. Sam Hell Remix]
RIDIC003: Ghettface - Get Loud [inc. Karton Remix]
RIDIC004: Ghettface - Bang Your Fist EP
RIDIC005: Refracture - Believe [inc. EK and Yanix mixes]
RIDIC006: Dual Boot Remix EP [inc. Triple Agent, Duane Barry, and Ghettface mixes]
RIDIC007: DiiSTORTiiON - Dynamite [inc. Yanix Remix]
RIDIC008: DiiSTORTiiON - Taken [inc. Ghettface and Llupa mixes]
RIDIC009: Vize - R U There [inc. Quadrat Beat and 8*B1T mixes]
RIDIC010: Ghettface vs. Yanix - Blackout [inc. Mars Remix]
RIDIC011: Home Alone - The Playground / Awake
RIDIC012: Refracture - Free Man [inc. Eshericks Remix]
RIDIC013: DiiSTORTiiON - Feel It [inc. Sketi Remix]
RIDIC014: Home Alone - Remix EP Part 1 [inc. MDK and Deenk mixes]
RIDIC015: Home Alone - Remix EP Part 2 [inc. Refracture and Duane Barry mixes]
RIDIC016: Open Cluster - Grotto / Travel Without Moving
RIDIC017: MDK feat. Siegfried - Interstellar Mission [inc. Yanix Remix]
RIDIC018: Tribal Riot - Lights [inc. Ghettface, Vize & Echoik, and Tribal Riot mixes]
RIDIC019: Open Cluster - Remix EP [inc. EK and Beatsmack mixes]
RIDIC020: AP3X - Power Struggle [inc. Retroid Remix]
RIDIC021: Fisso & Spark - Stop For A Moment / Up And Down
RIDIC022: Resistor - Total Fucking Chaos / You've Got To
RIDIC023: Yanix - Derecho
RIDIC024: Yanix - Derecho Remixes [inc. BETA, Timewave, and Dellife mixes]
RIDIC025: Ghettface - Deal With It [inc. EK Remix]
RIDIC026: Best Of Originals
RIDIC027: Best Of Remixes
RIDIC028: Ghettface - Hotshot [inc. RuN RiOT Remix]