RIDIC010: Ghettface vs. Yanix - Blackout
Release: November 09, 2010

RIDIC010 Art

01. Blackout (Original Mix) PREVIEW

02. Blackout (Mars Remix) PREVIEW

For our 10'th release, label owners Ghettface and Yanix return with ruckus beats and furious leads. Fueled with a smoking bassline, 'Blackout' brings high quality production and a big beat vibe swirled with b-boy sampling and soaring synths. XSSR's Mars takes on the remix duties to inject a dirty grime into the original's bassline madness while providing his special brand of hard beats and wobble bass.


Kultur & Colombo (Metamorph Muzik/Kultura Breakz) - “Acid Music, Acid Party, Acid Breaks...Perfecto! The original mix is on our way. Support in our Metamorph Masterpieces Show (Mixcloud) in the next weeks and also in our live sets.”

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - “I like the Mars remix - he introduces some nice melodic undertones, but it's the original all the way for me. Classic Ghettface bassline with some wicked fills and FX. Full support!”

Triple Agent (Broken Robot) - “Chunky beats! Both tracks are top...Ridiculoud quality!”

Hedflux (Broken Robot) - "The Mars mix is *heavy* - definitely will be making an appearance in my heavier sets. Love the driving groove after the first drop. Original mix is also a belter, probably my favorite of the two. Definitely getting support from me on the late night floors."

Llupa (YellowFinger/Ridiculoud) - “Nice to see you guys back on the release front. This one is as driving as ever, but with more of a slow build feel to it, then dropping into the rock break - very cool. Mars takes it more heads down for later in the night...dig the crazy half time break, really well done. Sweet release guys - both will get a good rinsing from me!”

Home Alone (Dead Famous/Ridiculoud) - “I like both mixes very much and I think this is one hell of a solid release. If I had to pick one, though, I would definitely go with the original because I dig its sound and beats!”

LuQas (Dead Famous) - “Nice one boys - both mixes are good but liking the original more. All about that break before the breakdown - skills.”

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - “The drums in the Mars remix make it slightly better than the original for me, although both are pretty damn PHAT!”

Kickflip (Breakin Even) - “Both versions are nice and driving. Mars takes it for me for hands-in-the-air dancefloor appeal.”

Karton (Sound Of Habib) - “Mars remix is great, love it!”

Steve Maccabe (VIM) - “The Mars remix is my favorite of the two mixes - love the switch from breaks to dubstep back to breaks. Great production, will support!”

Mobius (Ape Music) - “One of the best releases from Ridiculoud so far this in my opinion. Original mix has plenty of energy and drive but Mars takes it to another level for me with super tight production and added wobble - this mix is definitely in the bag.”

Bill Vega (Downbeat/Badbwoy Bass) - “Original mix for me.”

EK (Dead Famous) - “Loving the Mars remix. Original is pretty cool, too.”

Retroid (Morphosis) - "Mars remix for me - sick as always!"

Vital Substance (Breakin Even) - “Banging release mate! Really tight production on both mixes....hard to pick a favorite, this will smash floors to bits!”

Far Too Loud (Funkatech) - “Solid funky breaks!”

DiiSTORTiiON (Ridiculoud) - “Pumping release. Hard to say which one I prefer. Love how the drums smack you in the face in the Mars remix and love the distorted bassline in the original. Can’t wait to drop these.”

Burjuy (Breaks Review Show) - "Both mixes are very tasty and energetic as usual! Glad to see Mars joining your roster with his recognizable dark tones, intensive hard beats, and wobble bass - I prefer this mix!!! Full support in my next mixes!"

Yreane (XSSR) - “Banging release, guys! Mars kills it with this remix. Support for sure.”

8*B1T (Ridiculoud) - “I'm a big fan of Mars already, so I'm partial to this remix by default here - stellar as always. I'm really digging the original too; has a bit more groovy ride to it - love the drums on this one! I'll probably be playing both out, the original up in the club, and the Mars cut for down at the warehouse.”


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