RIDIC009: Vize - R U There
Release: October 05, 2010

RIDIC009 Art

01. R U There (Original Mix) PREVIEW

02. R U There (Quadrat Beat Remix) PREVIEW

03. R U There (8*B1T's Right Behind You Mix) PREVIEW

Vize makes his debut on Ridiculoud with a dirty, bouncing track made for those who like a little bit of filth in their sets. ‘R U There’ slams in with a nasty, electro bassline and continues building with some wicked synth programming and precise editing.  Second, Quadrat Beat handles the first remix, emphasizing a driving and raw bass to create a dynamic and heads-down groove. Finally, 8*B1T takes a trip on the wild side with pumping bass, stutter synth lines, and some fun effects to remind us all what nu-skool used to sound like.


Karl Sav (Re:Connect/Unstable) - “I love the Quadrat Beat remix and the 8*B1T remix is cool too. Nice ravey feel to it.”

Daniella Downs (Dead Famous) - “Quadrat Beat remix all the way. It's like they channeled Introspective to an extent. Absolutely awesome remix.”

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - “8*B1T’s remix is the absolute tits! I love the insane energy, the stuttered lead, and the wonderful old skool synth stabs scattered around the track - full support from me.”

Llupa (YellowFinger/Ridiculoud) - “Loving the original - big stomping groove, with great production and some great sounds and FX; will work in a large cross section of sets. 8*B1T’s remix is cool, but a bit noisy and eratic for me, maybe I'm getting old ;) Quadrat Beat do what they do best and create a massive groove based tune that'll rock dance floors! Original for me followed closely by the Quadrat Beat remix. Both will work in very different sets and floors - great release!”

Home Alone (Dead Famous/Ridiculoud) - “I just had a chance to go through the release, which I really enjoyed. If I had to pick one, I would definitely go for the Quadrat Beat remix. Really loving the 8*B1T remix too!”

LuQas (Dead Famous) - “All three mixes are strong here - cool release.”

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - “All over the Quadrat Beat remix and will play this weekend.”

Kickflip (Breakin Even) - “Sterling remix from 8*B1T on this release, and Quadrat Beat hits the mark too!”

Karton (Sound Of Habib) - “The 8*B1T remix is my pick of the bunch, will get plays - all are solid.”

Steve Maccabe (VIM) - “The Quadrat Beat remix is my favorite from the package, love it! Will play this in my funkier sets, great work on that.”

Mobius (Ape Music) - “8*B1T and Quadrat Beat mixes both have their charms, but it's the 8*B1T one that will be getting the plays from me I reckon.”

Bill Vega (Downbeat/Badbwoy Bass) - “Wicked tracks. Original and 8*B1T mixes for me - 8/10”

EK (Dead Famous) - “Wicked mixes all round. Both 8*B1T and Quadrat Beat remixes are very good. Like!”

Vital Substance (Breakin Even) - “All about the squelchy grooves on the Quadrat Beat remix for me. Wicked shuffley groove, right up my street!”

Far Too Loud (Funkatech) - “Quite a nice release this one. The groove on the Quadrat Beat remix is killer, but I also like the 8*BIT remix for the trippy nighttime vibes. Would play either depending on set time!”

DiiSTORTiiON (Ridiculoud) - “Quality release. Everything Quadrat Beat touches lately is gold and this remix is no exception. The track that took me completely by surprise though was 8*B1T’s remix! Awesome production, will be rinsing this track for sure!”

Yreane (XSSR) - “Quadrat Beat remix is huge!!! Really feel it. Will be supporting this.”


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