RIDIC007: DiiSTORTiiON - Dynamite
Release: September 21, 2010

RIDIC007 Art

01. Dynamite (Original Mix) PREVIEW

02. Dynamite (Yanix Remix) PREVIEW

For our seventh release, we welcome newcomer DiiSTORTiiON to the Ridiculoud artist stable. 'Dynamite' is a dark, growling track that means business. Full of pitch bends, catchy synth lines, and twisted vocal stabs, DiiSTORTiiON's first Ridiculoud release will have you begging for the next. For the remix, Yanix's submission includes a relentless bassline that stays true to the menacing drive of the original and adds a bit of peaktime heat.


Mr. No Hands (Mixmag) - “August Review: Making a name for himself down under, DJ’ing in Perth, DiiSTORTiiON could well be a breaks act to keep an eye on globally. This promising debut’s large beats and reverb drenched, bendy leads have been reworked by the label boss with snappy beats and driving, machine gun bass notes. Job done. 3/5”

Josef Sedlon (Radio1) - “Thanks for new releases, sounds ok for me, I prefer the Yanix remix.”

Sam Hell (Broken Robot/Mofo) - “These are sounding great! Yanix's remix is awesome and definitely something I'll be supporting.”

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - “Yanix remix is incredible! Love the bassline to pieces and will play this A LOT - massive support from me!”

Triple Agent (Broken Robot) - “Both tracks are cool but the Yanix remix is fat and mesmerizing!”

Llupa (YellowFinger/Ridiculoud) - “Love the original on this - big, powerful and a solid groove. Love all the filtering in it too; great attention to detail. Big tings from DiiSTORTiiON! Yanix takes it on a more stomping, full on vibe - big room stuff for late in the evening. Full support from here, great work.”

Home Alone (Dead Famous/Ridiculoud) - “Really digging both mixes. The original has some awesome sounds and some really catchy and cool vocals. Like it a lot. Keep em coming mate!”

Curl & Dean (Big Square/Scarcity) - “Really feeling the drive on the original of this release. Deep & bangin, will be playing this for sure. The remix is sweet but more support on the original.”

LuQas (Dead Famous) - “Slamming release this - like both tracks.”

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - “Yanix remix is my fave.”

Kickflip (Breakin Even) - “Loving the original for its epically tinted psy-breaks workout.”

Karton (Sound Of Habib) - “Awesome package, probably my favorite release from Ridiculoud. Both the original and the remix are great - will play.”

Steve Maccabe (VIM) - “For me it’s the Yanix remix all the way; very Far Too Loud feel to this (which ain't a bad thing), very techy. Great percussion, love the synths and little glitchy noises. Will support this for sure.”

Mobius (Ape Music) - “Quite liking the original here, good bassline, lots of variation and a nice vocal in the break as well.”

Vize (Ridiculoud) - “Feeling the original a bit more, but this release is totally sick. Will definitely support. Love the combination of heavy and progressive flavors in both tracks.”

Bill Vega (Downbeat/Badbwoy Bass) - “Going with the original mix; great basslines and beats - 8/10”

EK (Dead Famous) - “Very cool track! Both mixes are great.”

Retroid (Morphosis) - “Yanix remix is the business.”

Vital Substance (Breakin Even) - “Quality production on both of these! I’ll be supporting Yanix's remix for sure!”

Far Too Loud (Funkatech) - “Yanix remix is a good one for those late night heavy breaks sets. Nice!”

Burjuy (Breaks Review Show) - “Original: Massive anthem that’s SPECIAL for Beach/Rave parties; will play it out! Yanix remix: More for the club parties; aggressive beats, but I like this one as well.”

Yreane (XSSR) - “Feelin the Yanix remix; rolling, powerful bassline. Support from me.”


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