RIDIC006: Dual Boot Remix EP
Release: June 01, 2010

RIDIC006 Art

01. Trigger (Triple Agent Remix) PREVIEW

02. Trigger (Duane Barry Remix) PREVIEW

03. Crank It (Ghettface Remix) PREVIEW

After the release of their first album “Clandestiny”, local St. Louis electronic act Dual Boot has handed the remix duties of their first singles off to Ridiculoud Records. First, Triple Agent takes the first single Trigger to a psychedelic and acid influenced ecstasy. The driving beats and rave sound bring the dark themes of the Dual Boot original to a new energetic high. Secondly, Duane Barry synergizes the raw noise of Trigger with progressive beats and raw acidic energy, reminding us of the beauty of chaos. Finally, Ghettface takes on the old-school influenced Crank It. Utilizing patented Dual Boot darkness, he lays a rumbling bassline over thick beats while maintaining the old-school feel of the original.


Mr. No Hands (Mixmag) - “Phatty tunes, I likes.”

LuQuas (Dead Famous) - “Done it again fellas - All mixes are strong, but the Triple Agent one stands out for me - he nailed this remix.”

Mobius (APE Records) - “Ghettface remix of Crank It is my favorite here.”

Steve Maccabe - “Really liking the psy-breaks feel to the Triple Agent remix of Trigger; loads of nice little noises, a nice breakdown and good energy and pace - good work. Think my favorite out of the three is the Ghettface remix of Crank It; great work on the percussion throughout, the track is quite funky yet tough at the same time. Nice work on this.”

Kickflip - “Triple Agent's providing some tidy, techy acid business with his remix of Trigger, good stuff!”

Karton (Sound Of Habib) - “Another solid package.”

Home Alone (Dead Famous/Ridiculoud) - “Awesome EP with three amazing remixes. I can't really pick one because I like all three of them for different reasons. I love the way Ghettface combines old school with nu skool sounds. I'm a big fan of anything Duane Berry does (he's got a trademark sound) and Triple Agent's mix is an unstoppable shiny machine. Great stuff!”

Vital Substance - “I'm into the Ghettface remix of Crank It! Loving those sizzling live hats! Nice work!”

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK) - “Great package here. I really like what Triple Agent did with Trigger and you can always expect Ghettface to deliver with his productions. Will be playing the whole thing!”

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - “I honestly thought that the Duane Barry remix would suit me as I’m already a big fan of his work BUT Ghettface's remix is awesome!! It’s definitely his best work to date (in my opinion); will play this out and will also support Duane Barry too.”

Daniella Downs (Dead Famous) - “I absolutely love the Duane Barry mix here. It's got some good acidy drive, and I love that he branched out and tried something new here, although I love just about everything he does. Awesome release gents!”

Hedflux (Broken Robot) - “Wow, what a release!!! Absolutely bang on, great sounding, fat, filthy, packed with attitude and energy. My pick is by far the Triple Agent mix - heard this on soundcloud a while ago and was blown away, really inspirational for me. Next the Ghettface mix - I will play this out, though probably less often. The Duane Barry mix is cool, best I've heard from him yet! Congrats on a fine release!”

Vize (Ridiculoud) - “I like all three. Love the heavy drums, signature bassline and massive crowd reaction to the Ghettface remix.”

Bill Vega (Downbeat/Badbwoy Bass) - “Ghettface remix for me, great stuff 8/10”

EK - “My favorite of the bunch is the Triple Agent remix.”

Robosapiens (Dead Famous) - “Good package liking it a lot. It’s the Triple Agent remix all the way for me - very big, will be playing.”

DiiSTORTiiON (Ridiculoud) - “All remixes are solid but it’s the Triple Agents mix that takes the cake for me. Phat driving breakbeat. Nice work!!”

Far Too Loud (Funkatech) - “Lovely moody remix from Triple Agent. I'll have a bit of that!”

Josef Sedlon (Radio1) - “I like the Ghettface remix the most.”

BSD (iBreaks) - “Triple Agent remix is awesome! Powerful! The bass reminds me of the best sounds of EBM.”

Llupa - “Another solid release, with a nice spread of artists - Ghettface does what he does so well and produces a head down driving tune; very cool. One of my favorite new artists, Triple Agent, lays down a very solid, deep driving and fast paced remix. Really impressed with this, so much so I have him doing a guest mix for my Disc Breaks show. The big surprise on this was the Duane Barry tweak - I know his stuff really well and always dig it, but it's great to see a departure from his normal style into the deeper, darker, dirtier Nu Skool feel of this track. Full support from me and have already given the Duane Barry remix a few spins on my show.”


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