RIDIC002: Ghettface vs. Yanix - Get Ripped
Release: October 27, 2009

RIDIC002 Art

01. Original Mix PREVIEW

02. Sam Hell Remix PREVIEW

Hot off the heels of the successful first release, label owners Ghettface and Yanix team up again to bring the heat with their latest offering:  Get Ripped. The original mix is a driving, guitar drenched dance floor grenade that drops like a drunk down stairs.  The crunching edits and destructive breakdowns are perfect for a proper big room workout.  Sam Hell rounds off the package with a remix that will have breaks fans rejoicing.  The smashing techy bass growler, complete with signature roaring drums and sub-crunching bass, provides a heads-down affair that compliments the modern breaks sound.


Mr. No Hands (Mixmag) - "Love this relase!"

LuQuas - "This is another ripper, the original is driving and noisy (in a good way) with cool edits, the Sam Hell remix is a classy peice of work - built for the dance floor, I can see it going off."

Daniella Downs - "I have to say, I like the Sam Hell mix, but I like the original more I think. That is peak as a motherf*^ker rock breaks. Good stuff gents!"

Steve Maccabe - "Both mixes have got my full support, will spin them both. Really into the rock feel of the original, can see it going down well on the dance floor, Sam Hell has done a nice job on the remix, a bit more my style going down the techy route, great release!"

Kickflip - "Strong second release, hot on the heels of the first. Favourite is the original's chunky guitar stabs, stacatto riffs and big build ups, and Sam Hell's rework is cool as well in his unique electro edged style!"

EK - "Really like the Sam Hell remix. Original is really solid as well. Nice work!"

Vital Substance - "I'm really diggin the original on this one...it drives along like a runaway lorry manned by Stevie Wonder!"

DJ Kyulo - "Original: YES!!! Solid business. Sounds like a mixture of Metal, Funk and Breaks... absolute smasher! Sam Hell Remix: Nice techy approach, quite straight-forward but groovy and solid, cool stuff!"

Duane Barry - "Nice release again boys! I like the droning bass on the Sam Hell remix but the original is the one for me, some wicked beats and bass to get the party jumping - nice work!"

Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) - "Yeah I like this package!! Both heavy dancefloor smashers!! My fave is Sam Hell's remix, full support from me!"

Karton - "Awesome tunes lads - both dancefloor smashers."

Karl Sav - "Original has nice snappy beats, wicked guitar lick, wicked drop, catchy vocal, can see this working on the dancefloor with the ladies. Has a nice oldskool vibe about it. Sam Hell adds his thumping touch to it, uses the original guitar lick nicely . Can't wait to play both of these out at my upcoming shows. Support on both versions for me."

Hedflux - "This one is all about the Sam Hell remix for me - love the driving groove!"

Freestylers - "Both mixes are rockin'! Sam Hell's kicks arse!"

The Peepshow Ownerz (Glack Audio) - "Like the Sam Hell remix."

High Eight - "Liking the original, but it's the Sam Hell remix that slightly pips it for me.  Will be supporting and charting!"

Llupa - "Original for me all the way! PHAT! Love the rockin' groove, very peak time, really into the vibe. The breakdown with the solo riff is wicked and then it heads into 4/4 - sweet. This will be getting a good rinsing from me for a while!"

Tiesto - "I can't Jesus pose to this shit!"


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